Zen Voices Meditation Chants by New Age Music Artist Marcomé

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Relaxing Music Artist Marcomé brings us deep in the moment with Zen Voices Meditation Chants. Blissful and profoundly relaxing, Zen Voices is a musical tale that envelops body & Soul. Marcomé’s pure and sultry voices mingle graciously into nature’s sounds and spacious soundscapes, making it authentically earthly!
Specially crafted for SPA, Meditation, Yoga, Massage, Prayer, Relaxation, Stretching, Zen Voices Meditation Chants is a gift of inner peace, a musical 45 minutes to well-being & inner peace.

Click to Listen to Zen Voices Meditation Chants

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Relaxing music – Zen Voices – Luminaria by Marcome_music

Celine Dion – Pop Diva with Powerful Vocals

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As a fellow French-Canadian artist, I’ve followed Celine Dion’s career with interest almost since its debut. In my early beginnings as a studio sound engineer I had the chance to work with Celine. I can tell you she’s one of the most hard working singer I’ve met. I always compared her to the Olympic athlete gymnast, Nadia Comaneci, as she was focused and highly dedicated to her work. Coming from a small town close to Montreal, Celine had success in Quebec early on and in the ‘80s, you couldn’t turn on the radio or TV without coming across Celine Dion. This intensified further after her winning the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest – just 20 years old – with her entry “Ne partez pas sans moi” for Switzerland. Everyone in Quebec knew that song and was proud that a local singer had won!

 Celine Dion during her “Taking Chances” Tour in Montreal, August 2008Image: Anirudh Koul

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Dance Music Songs to Feel Good – Marcome Remixed

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I love to remix my songs. I get up in the morning and if I’m in a different mood, I feel like remixing a song into a faster feel good version or a more ambient and loungee track. I’m like a child again, playing music for the fun of it! My life is full of what I feel… So I hope to be contagious! Gratitude hug your way! Marcomé

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An In-Depth Definition of New Age Music

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It is often a futile effort to define a musical genre, as no sooner is a label adopted than its fans subdivide it, artists reject it, and the music itself evolves. New Age is no exception, and the diversity of artists’ styles that are put within the category proves this point–though many enthusiasts would argue that this style of music has existed for centuries, if not millennia. Read more

Enigma – Electronic music meets Gregorian Chants

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Enigma first caught my attention because of the Gregorian chants they integrated into their music, especially on their third album Le Roi est Mort, released in 1996. But I have to admit that my favorite CD remains McMxc A.D. in which they succeeded in combining electronic music, electrical guitars and Gregorian chants!
Rather than a band, Enigma is a musical project that mixed electronic music with traditional elements from the beginning. Imagine a time when the music world just got used to synthesizer beats!

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