Ougainatso – Self created languages of Marcomé

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The magic of a first take recording

I have been using improvisation for years now to create new songs.  I just love to sing in invented languages of my own creation, it provides with with a wide range of emotional possibilities and gives me plenty of freedom. That recent creation called Ougainatso was born a special Monday morning and is an amazing gift in an artist’s life. My longtime musician friend Michel Robidoux sat down in my studio that day with his guitar and told me he had been playing this song lately that reminded him of Almodovar’s film music and ambiances. I listened to the track for a few minutes, started recording and  then joined him and sang Ougainatso exactly as you hear it today. So this is a first take recording of Michel and me, no fixing! Since that magical moment, I always make sure to record ourselves when we jam! Later on, I transcribed all the vowels and invented words on paper to learn the song and perform it. I now am convinced that my voice is firstly an instrument and that whatever the heart wants to convey, with or without words, is the reflection of one’s life and precious shared moments. I hope to convey to you, the tremendous amount of inner peace and freedom we had in the creative process and still have in performing it! With all my love, Marcomé xxx


Michel Robidoux – Marcomé

Filmed with Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K by Simon Lardie and Domingo Lamarre


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Click image to listen to Marcome's music

Click image to listen to Marcome’s music

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Click image to listen to Zen Voices

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Click image to listen to Seven Seas

Click image to listen to Ougainatso

Click image to listen to Ougainatso

Song for Enya – Luminaria by New age music artist Marcomé

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What is Zen for Marcomé ?

Zen is being in the now, connected to the glorious energy that inhabits all of my cells that keep me alive, day after day.It’s a state of inner peace that I can reach when my mind is at rest and my heart is openly connected to my whole body & soul, making me feel one with the infinity of life, of love.

New age music artist Marcomé

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Marcome’s Studio – Trying to save after the flood!

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My house got flooded on my birthday this year! What a special surprise! Now we’re working hard to try to save my studio. Most of the basement will be demolished and rebuilt because of contaminated water. Tks for your prayers and positive vibes, they really help me go on! If you like what I do, please do me a little favor and share my music and videos online. I’m not going to be able to be as much present on social medias for the next month outch!

Here are some links to connect with my musical work:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Marcome.Music
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Marcome
Google + : https://plus.google.com/102675315845072594179/posts
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Marcomemusic
My Music website: http://Marcome.com

Sting – Successfully Blending Pop, Rock, Reggae, Soul, Jazz & New Age Music since the 70s

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“Roxanne”, “Can’t Stand Losing You”, “So Lonely”, “Message in a Bottle”, “Every Breath You Take” – when contemplating Sting’s career, invariably his hit songs with The Police come to mind, the band he had his big breakthrough with as a singer in the last ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Sting on June 30, 2011 at a concert in Budapest Read more

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Merry Xmas and a happy new year! Every year has its challenges, but in the end, we have to learn to let go! One of my way of dealing with harder times is to have fun! My husband’s  Jazz Vocal Quartet, Resonance, kindly accepted to share their joy and passion for Christmas songs and carols with me to offer you those Xmas video greetings! May the Angels of passion, courage and laughter pay you a visit more often.. in the coming hours! With love, Marcomé ♡

p.s. A huge thank you to my son Simon who patiently put this all together! Tks to our dog Patchou for his patience…)

Tks to Zrnho for the following video

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